30-Day Inpatient Rehab Atlanta, GA

Atlanta thirty day inpatient rehab

If you or someone you know is abusing drugs and/or alcohol, you might want to consider a 30-day dependency rehab  program. One-month rehab centers offer a chance to obtain and remain clean without needing long-lasting dedication. At the end of a 30-day rehab program, some people might continue with a longer rehab program, transition into an outpatient program, or take part in continuous aftercare to help preserve their new sobriety.

A 30-day rehab program is enough time for an individual to clear their head from their addiction. In 30 days, you can detox and begin to get utilized to living a sober lifestyle. This allows you to think more clearly so you're most likely to make excellent decisions and use what's been learned after the rehab duration has actually ended. Many programs will have the ability to extend the duration of treatment as required, based on the development made during the very first 1 Month, or can make arrangements to move people to a longer program.

What is the Cost of 1 Month Inpatient Rehab?

The expense of dependency treatment varies from rehab to rehab. Some treatment programs are free while some cost thousands of dollars a day. No matter your budget plan, there is a treatment center for you. Rehab is accessible to anyone if they understand exactly what resources can help them spend for treatment. Average inpatient rehabs cost around $6,000 for a 30-day program. Popular and High-end Rehab centers typically cost approximately $20,000 for a 30-day program. For those needing 60- or 90-day programs, the total typical cost of rehab might range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

What Is a 30-Day Rehab Program?

This type of program requires that you live at the rehab center in one of our Atlanta area locations for a 30-day period (some programs may really be 28-day programs). Throughout those One Month, you will participate in specific and group treatment sessions, participate in 12-step or other support group conferences, and find out regression prevention methods to assist you remain sober. Residential rehab settings also supply you with the chance to cope with other individuals who are fighting with alcohol and drug addiction so you will feel less isolated and can start constructing a sober assistance network of pals and peers.

Thirty-day programs may be "lockdown" programs-- which means that, while registered, you live at the rehab center for the whole One Month and may not be enabled to have visitors because time. Some programs may have an initial restricted duration, however may approve you more flexibility as your recovery progresses, while others let you come and go as you please or have authorized visitors from the start. There are a wide array of 30-day programs out there, so it can be helpful to check out numerous programs before deciding to dedicate to one.

Why Pick a 30-Day Rehab?

Thirty-day drug rehab programs are often an excellent beginning point for people dealing with addiction. Addicted people might hesitate to make a long-term dedication. Some might at first believe they do not need help and they don't want to go to a program at all. Thirty days is a short sufficient period that individuals who are otherwise reluctant to attempt a program might be happy to devote to it.

The Pros and Cons of Short-Term Treatment

Similar to all forms of treatment gone over on our website, there are benefits and disadvantages to all of them. Before you can make a notified decision, you should comprehend exactly what you are deciding between and what you need to remember:

  • It is more economical-- Since you are investing significantly less time enrolled at a treatment facility, it is logical to assume that you wind up spending less money. Much of the longer programs can cost clients several countless dollars, while short-term tends to be a more budget friendly approach of healing.
  • It is less time consuming-- It's a short-term program, so it takes less time to complete. Please bear in mind we are not suggesting that the treatment gotten is the same or that clients must wish to finish things as quickly as possible, we are merely explaining the realities.
  • It is less disruptive to your life-- A much shorter time invested in drug rehabilitation means that you have to invest significantly less time away from your individual life, your possible task, family, buddies and more. Some patients are single moms and dads who might discover others to look after their kids briefly, however can not potentially leave for three months at a time. For them this is simply the only alternative available.


  • Less time for healing-- Some patients may spend upwards of two whole weeks on the withdrawal stage of healing. Throughout the withdrawal stage, they might experience physical discomfort, feel tired, grumpy, short-fused, in short: they are not in the best possible mood. It might be next to impossible for them to focus. Long-term change is not possible if the client is unable to focus. If withdrawal actually does take that long, it means that half of the treatment time is spent on simply recovering from past use. For numerous patients fighting with long-term dependence, this is the comparable to hitting a wildfire with a squirt gun in an attempt to put it out.
  • Frustration later on-- Often a short-term rehab does not ensure a life without regression. It may end up being financially draining pipes and mentally demoralizing for the client to keep heading back to the very same type of rehab. Surprisingly enough, this can become much more disruptive, time consuming and costly than going to a long-lasting rehab program.
  • The statistics do not lie-- Although it is true that every client is various, the possibilities of maintaining long-term recovery in a brief program are just not as good as with the longer programs. Since the client knows that this is only going to be a momentary commitment, some clients discover that they are not fully dedicated. They may find themselves counting down the days up until they can go home once again instead of remaining concentrated on the actual treatment.

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